After Image

Splintering, alternate realities come to you just around the bend, like a train down a subway tunnel, lights shining, horns blaring, but it’s a doppler effect–sound warping before and after, and what it feels like to realize that the thing is never really the thing. It’s experiencing a population bottleneck, soil polluted, seeds ungrowing, waters fetid and stationary. It’s going away, always away, to find … Continue reading After Image


Droplets form at the corners of the cosmos, dripping, glittering things that dance and silhouette in gold as their rivulets flutter and vanish and reappear. Ease yourself away and you’ll see them there, little friends as we buzz and whir and bleep and bloop. Faithful little friends that have always been there in the center of you. Wind rushes from nowhere in that happy void, … Continue reading THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM


Out here the sky’s as big as the world, and all the rain’s a drop of you and me and everything we see. Out here the wind blows skyward and takes a piece of us with it as it dances in the field. Out here there’s room for dreams and wishes, love abounds and glitters on the lightning bugs’ wings. Out here there is no … Continue reading OUT HERE