I can now officially announce that I’m represented by Mark Gottlieb of Trident Media Group! I spent four years working hard on my novel Here’s Waldo, and all of it is starting to pay off! To all those who have read my words over the years: thank you, thank you, thank you!!!



I’ve decided that while I’m editing the second Waldo novel and developing the third, I’m going to research and write a new, completely different novel. Bloodwood is the story of a Viking seeking a chance at redemption while carrying on the story of the family he has lost. Here’s what I have of the first page so far. Now it’s time for more intensive research and writing! I love this phase in every project, but this is especially exciting for me given my Viking ancestry. Onward!

Here’s Waldo Monologue

Recently, I’ve been wanting to make some dramatic, character piece-type short films. Since they’ll be microbudget, chances are I’ll have to play the lead. So as practice, here’s me acting out a monologue from my novel Here’s Waldo. (It was so exciting to hear it out loud for the first time. 😂😂😂)

The Prodigal Son Sampler

So I’ve put together a Skype band, the idea being that we lay our tracks separately and bring them all together, being able to play no matter the distance. Most of these songs will be concept pieces based on my coming-of-age novel Here’s Waldo. This one’s no different; it’s about going home. Let me know what you think!