It’s a quarter to two and Waldo gets home at three. Roger’s not back till six, and who knows when Drew will come home. There’s still time. The soaps are on, and there’s a funny word. Soap, like days when PGN would catch me swearing and wash my mouth out, it turning everything to itself the way tofu does, only soap milk or soap bread … Continue reading Mona

No Thing

I find you on the lawn, building a grassbridge across the sidewalk, one blade at a time, for the worms evicted from their homes by the late-season rain. You are wearing your camiseta bonita. English is our only language, but we have made an exception for this shirt. I smooth my hem, where a string waits to unravel me into my composite parts. You are … Continue reading No Thing


Stop. Look. Breathe for a second and realize you’re living. Listen to the birds sing. Feel the ice cube slide down your back as your brother runs away laughing. Smell the freshly cut grass as you tumble end over end; ground then sky then ground again. Feel the thump of your heart in your wrist and run in place to speed it up. Wonder a … Continue reading BE


We are here. We make decisions, we mend fences, we live and breathe. We are still. We wander in fields, we climb up trees, we eat till we’re full. We expect things. We feel our way around, we think of all the ways, we sit beneath the stars. We tell stories. We dig under the snow, we play tag on the blacktop, we think of … Continue reading WE