The way her nipple slid in and out of view was like the fin of a shark peeking over the water and falling away for a stealthy approach. He let her subsume him, this woman, let her slide into all the days and ways that he was a man. They came to the surface, gasping choking breaths, tunnelling a way through the water to seaweed … Continue reading Hover

In Which We Enumerate What We Will and Won’t Do

We are far more resilient than you might think. We are like mice, or cockroaches, or other various resilient things. We are savvy inasmuch as our savviness can be measured or quantified in an accurate fashion, using beakers and graduated cylinders and the like. We are potent, like the first time you tried to make a mixed drink and almost choked, definitely sputtered. We are … Continue reading In Which We Enumerate What We Will and Won’t Do

You Again

“No, I don’t mean it in like a metaphorical sense. I mean you’re literally, actually, a different person.” You look in the mirror. Open your mouth. Check your gums. “See?” There’s no change whatsoever. It’s you there, staring back at you. “I was halfway about to call the police, but then you got up and started talking. You still talk like you.” You go back … Continue reading You Again