Time Stood Still

Sitting in the back of the bus with a dollar store notebook on my lap, sketching and thinking about the past. October droplets stain my public transit window, turning the grime to a vertical stream as it passes and changes the passing headlights into alien stars–nothing more than ways to mark my way as I move along. The headlights become fireflies in fading light, the … Continue reading Time Stood Still

In the Dark

We’re in the dark, slow dancing to a song we barely know the words to, mumbling, mostly just picking up the melodies and harmonizing on the chori, making up our words and movements as we go till we’re melting together, here, at night, with the storm outside, with old Christmas lights strung up inside as the only light for us to dance by, something lofi, … Continue reading In the Dark


It’s summer, and I’m fourteen years old. That puts us at 2004. I’m in my room alone, watching the dust motes pass in front of the light that’s filtering through my window. It’s a matter of focus. Either I can look out the window and focus on the too-full dumpster out there, or I can pay attention to the dust motes hanging in the air … Continue reading Burn

A Wake/Awake

I found my grandfather in the sepia-tone photos of him they kept on the mantle at the wake. He wasn’t old enough for them to be daguerreotypes like in cowboy times, but they kind of looked like it. Only this cowboy had a leather helmet and pads stuffed with straw for Chicago winter, eyes asquint like they’d always be, even when he was happy. There … Continue reading A Wake/Awake


Tiny eyes wide and skybound, watching clouds roll by in an endless procession, rain threatening from afar, but far removed. 20 Rites of passage all gone by in a flurry of laughter and tears, bike scrapes and bottle rocket burns. 19 Teacher sits you down and pastor stands you up, but neither tell you what you want to hear. 18 Playing on blacktop you know … Continue reading UNDIMINISHED


Stop. Look. Breathe for a second and realize you’re living. Listen to the birds sing. Feel the ice cube slide down your back as your brother runs away laughing. Smell the freshly cut grass as you tumble end over end; ground then sky then ground again. Feel the thump of your heart in your wrist and run in place to speed it up. Wonder a … Continue reading BE


We are here. We make decisions, we mend fences, we live and breathe. We are still. We wander in fields, we climb up trees, we eat till we’re full. We expect things. We feel our way around, we think of all the ways, we sit beneath the stars. We tell stories. We dig under the snow, we play tag on the blacktop, we think of … Continue reading WE