The Bookends Review Love!

My story “Something in the Way” is now live on The Bookends Review! I put a lot into this story, so to see it in a mag like this feels fantastic.

(Also, for those of you who want to geek out and sample some of Here’s Waldo early, this is the first story I’ve gotten published that is word-for-word a chapter from that novel.)



Terrible Fate

Check out my new short horror film Terrible Fate! When a man finds himself trapped in a world of night and nightmares, he must test his memory and limits to escape his terrible fate. Let me know what you think!

button Love!

My story “Dandelions on a Summer Lawn” is now live in the 18th issue of! Give it a read and be sure to check out all the other great work the issue has to offer. Thanks so much to all those who gave this one an early read and cheered me on. This one’s for you!