So decomP, a litmag with a 2.7% acceptance rate, wants to publish one of my stories. And they want me to record a reading of it too. I don’t even know what to say right now. There needs to be a word for gratitude so strong it feels like your heart’s going to burst. Holy shit. Advertisements Continue reading decomP


My story “okémon” was just accepted for publication at motherfucking Literary Orphans! I’ve been trying to break in there for months, so this feels fucking awesome. It’ll be included in the October issue! Obligatory celebratory Pokémon theme song below. (And prepare to have your mind blown, btw, if you’ve never heard the full thing before. Those lyrics, though.) Continue reading LITERARY ORPHANS!

All Right And

The pills, when dumped, from a glass, drying in windowlight, on the table, leave little whitish traces like geologic strata unburied in some exotic place. These are for imbalances, and your daughter sees a tightrope walker who hands out balloons on the way down. You eat an ice cream from a vendor who has more physical problems than you, but maybe not as many mental … Continue reading All Right And