Next Stop

While you’re reading this people are doing things like buying eggs and painting away childhood sexual abuse. Someone somewhere just kissed a child they made, half of them, the other half beside because not all stories have to be sad just because we don’t know how ours will end. There are gnats crawling up a poet’s pants: intrepid explorers who take denim for tree bark. … Continue reading Next Stop

An Aesthetic/Anesthetic

Originally posted on Eunoia Review:
She came out of sewer grates, alleyways, locker rooms and bathrooms. Anywhere she could get equal footing. Had a stink about her. About was the best word because it was more descriptive than odorous: talcum powder sprinkled on week-old vomit. Feversweat collected under fat folds. Rank was kind. Rank was polite. Followed behind, step for step. Would vanish when he’d… Continue reading An Aesthetic/Anesthetic

The Curer

Originally posted on Eunoia Review:
Dirty fluorescence on eyes, mouths, ears. Pudgy hands stuck in mid-fiddle. The patient’s eyes come up for reassurance, and the curer grants it. The curer’s what she’s taken to calling herself on the nights when it all seems just a little too much to handle. Lowercase c, though. The fingers explode from hands engorged to lamb chops, uncooked and sloppy.… Continue reading The Curer