Tiny eyes wide and skybound, watching clouds roll by in an endless procession, rain threatening from afar, but far removed. 20 Rites of passage all gone by in a flurry of laughter and tears, bike scrapes and bottle rocket burns. 19 Teacher sits you down and pastor stands you up, but neither tell you what you want to hear. 18 Playing on blacktop you know … Continue reading UNDIMINISHED


We were in Des Plaines, IL at the Fourth of July parade–July 4, 2002. Being Independence Day, there was about as much patriotism as you’d expect, but it seemed heightened, almost unreal after the events of 9/11. Everyone stood together, everything was in unison. We waved our flags together, waved at floats together, it seemed like we damn near breathed together. I was nearly twelve … Continue reading A TRUE FOURTH OF JULY STORY