It began with an internet search, as most crazy discoveries do nowadays. And what started as harmless interest quickly grew into obsession. I’m talking eschewing wikipedia, even google, and sifting through mountains of data himself. Talking finding things that he couldn’t even locate later, they’d mysteriously disappeared. That sort of thing. But basically, his research centered on the pineal gland and the mandelbrot set. Apparently, … Continue reading MANDELBROT MAN


A year ago today I embarked on a weird, whimsical, and winsane journey called Nick’s Fics. This journey (as all good journeys are) has been fraught with uncertainty, challenges, and setbacks. But ultimately it’s been incredibly fun for me (and I hope for you, too!) thanks in gargantuan part to you, the Reader! Your constant support and words of encouragement over this year have made … Continue reading ONEYEARSTRAVAGANZA!