Turn around, take a look behind you. No, no, don’t make it too obvious. Act like you’re just checking a speck of dust you found on your shoulder or something. Alright, good. Now behind you is a wall, right? Drywall or brick? It doesn’t matter. I don’t even care if there isn’t one directly behind you. If your eyes could see far enough behind you … Continue reading THE NOTIONS


Creepin’ ‘round inside us all’s a man called Mr. Browse. His goal, you see, is for you and me to laze about like we’re cows. He’ll wait till you’ve got work to do and say, “Hey! Look over here!” But internet, you’d better bet, it’s best to not go near. ‘Cause if you do, he’ll smile at you and think, “Hey! I’ve got a rube!” … Continue reading MR. BROWSE


We are here. We make decisions, we mend fences, we live and breathe. We are still. We wander in fields, we climb up trees, we eat till we’re full. We expect things. We feel our way around, we think of all the ways, we sit beneath the stars. We tell stories. We dig under the snow, we play tag on the blacktop, we think of … Continue reading WE