It’s spring, and I’m eight years old. That puts us at 1998. Mom and Dad are heading out for a couple hours, leaving Drew in charge of the place. They’ve got to run a few errands before coming back to pick us up so we can all do family pictures at Sears. We’re supposed to go through our closets and find our Good Clothes. Our … Continue reading Smile


It’s fall, and I’m six years old. That puts us at 1996. Dad’s taking us home from an away game, and I’m still in my little league uniform. Dad’s been drinking, but we’re all playing that game we play, the one with no name, where we don’t say anything when he swerves into the other lane and lazily corrects himself. It doesn’t have a name, … Continue reading Sit


It’s summer, and I’m four years old. That puts us at 1994. Mom, Dad, and I are at a waterpark that doesn’t exist anymore, and I’m running around and splashing. My nose burns from trying to inhale while underwater, and the chlorine’s effects have spread to my eyes, making everything look impressionistic. This is my earliest memory. Drew isn’t there. He’s at a friend’s, maybe, … Continue reading Float